Quality Policy

Badshah Masala’s success story as a brand lies in the fact that we have never compromised on the quality standards of our spices. As the undisputed King of Indian Spices, we only deliver Agmark certified products.

As all spices are organic, food fungus tends to set into them easily. The spice powders are desiccated, i.e. dehumidified and dried by heavy dehumidifying machinery and then put into air and water tight plastic bags after being carefully weighed.

Our emphasis has always been on “A” Grade quality raw materials that are meticulously inspected and procured from the country’s best fields. The cleaning, roasting, and blending is carried out in a fully automated plant.

We have our very own Quality Control laboratory for the scrutiny of quality in all our products. We ensure that the quality of raw materials, proportions, blends always meet the authentic standards set by the company before heading out for processing.